Editor’s NOTE: Throughout this site, some links in blue may open a new tab and go to a Wikipedia page. Links in green often go to a Small Business School page where many of these pages were initially published on the web.
Home: For access to most pages, click on Index in the top navigation bar. The very first page to be post was Concepts & Parameters.   We have, and will continue to engage highly-reputable scholars to find fault with our logic. Yet, to date, we have been encouraged to follow this path wherever it should take us.  As our little group grows, working together, we share that universal hope of all teachers to envision this universe in a way that helps students and those of us who are perpetual students to be more creative and joyful. To encourage an even wider discussion and exploration, we are also opening this discussion on web pages within Facebook, LinkedIn, Blogspot, Bing, Plaxo, Twitter, Yahoo, and beyond.


The very first iterations of all these pages were published in January 2012 within our website for our television show, Small Business School. That site was first developed in December 1994 and continues to this day.

These pages will be mostly about all the people involved with the development of the concepts and pages associated with Big Board – little universe.  There is much more to come.

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