To our Nobel Laureates and Future Nobel Laureates:

We have three questions that all open to one primary question:

1. Everything Starts Most Simply (Number).  Have you ever seen the base-2 (exponential notation) progression of the Planck Length and Planck Time to the Observable Universe and Age of the Universe respectively?  Our high school geometry class had not so we have proceeded to do  the very simple math — — and we are now starting to analyze all 201+ doublings, steps or notations.  The universals and constants, I believe, begin inside our simple mathematics of the first 67 notations,  i.e. the small-scale universe.

2. Tilings and Tessellations.Have you ever studied the tetrahedral-octahedral-tetrahedral chain and cluster? It perfectly tiles the universe within those 201+ notations and within all those notations many, many R2 plates in every conceivable direction literally connecting, binding, and interweaving everything in the known universe . It has a more pure form in the small-scale universe; and we see manifestations of it within the human-scale and large-scale universe.  We started an analysisl — — and quite obviously have a long way to go.

3. Everything Starts Most Simply (Symmetries). Have you ever looked inside the tetrahedron or octahedron?  These most-simple 3D objects and 2D tiles are so fascinating we understand why John Conway has spent a lifetime to study them.  We began this exploration in a high school geometry class in December 2011 —— and we need the deep insights of people like John Conway   and you   to keep us out of trouble and on the straight and narrow.

Our primary question for you:  Is this just nonsense or shall we continue our pursuit?

Thank you.

Most sincerely,



Bruce Camber

In Search of Foundations

All articles are always in process:
Is There Order In The Universe?
  •   Finite or Infinite? Is That The Question?
  •   Did a Quiet Expansion precede the Big Bang?
  •   Where is the Good in Science, Business, and Religion?
  •   Everything Starts Most Simply. Might It Follow
That The Planck Length Becomes The Next Big Thing?

  •    Planck Time- Planck Length Chart
     Tilings & Tessellations
    Just what’s happening here?

UniverseViews: An Overview

  •   A Wiki-like Overview 
  •   Our first page about this process in 2011
  •   Simple concept, simple beginnings
  •   Extremely small and extremely large numbers
  •   First principles & the concept of perfection
  •   Building Bridges

Our Quick Tour of the Universe

A short introduction
#1: The Planck Length
#2: The Range or Scale of the Universe
#3: Just by the width of a hair #4: Discover your child within
#5: From caveats to “mea culpas
#6: Water, water everywhere
#7: Transition to the Human Scale
#8: An Unknown Section of the Universe
#9: Possible Transition to the Large Scale Universe
#10: The Observable Universe

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